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pw50 Single SHock Suspension Kit

with optional front forks

The TOP END MACHINE PW50 Single Shock Rear Suspension is a performance upgrade to your PW50. It creates a new performance dimension by providing a whole new feel in suspension feel just like the characteristic of a full size motocross bike. The best quality and performance available for PW50s. CNC aluminum swing arm and shock mounts one inch longer then stock. Nitrogen charged oil dampened fully adjustable piggy back reservoir rear shock designed for PW50 stock frame. Adjustable spring pre-load, adjustable rebound and adjustable compression make this the ideal choice of rear suspension for all types of riders weights and ability.

This Kit will raise your rear end up 1″, so we provide a a front fork triple clamp spacer kit in the $339 package, or you can add a new set of oil dampened leaning axle front forks to really balance out the suspension for an extra $140.


PW50 Aftermarket Single Shock Suspension Kit, with Front Fork Spacers

Price: $339.99


PW50 Aftermarket Single Shock Suspension Kit, with Aftermarket Front Forks

Price: $479.99

Modified Triple Clamp - $52.99

Specially milled 1mm larger (1 inch inner diameter) bottom front fork triple clamp made for the suspension kit. 
Some people are capable of modifying the stock clamp themselves but in case they do not wish to handle this procedure or wanting to keep the orignal clamp we offer a new clamp ready to bolt up.

Out of Stock

pw50 modified triple clamp

Rear Shock Assembly Instructions

Drill a hole matching the placement in the pictures to the right. The hole needs to be able to match a 10mm bolt with as little play as possible. Placement isn't completely detrimental, but make sure it's as straight as possible on the horizontal plane, and completely straight on the vertical plane. A second set of eyes may be useful to make it straight.


.375 = 3/8 of an inch   .562 = 9/16 of an inch


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