is your source for Yamaha PW50 spare parts at discount prices. Our spare parts are made by many of the same suppliers that the PW also come equipped with. Most all of our are parts have the same specs, color and look as the standard PW parts. Ordering is easy – pick out what you need and we ship it right to your home or work address.  Most orders ship the same day!

My First Moto Book

My First Moto by S.R. Gutierrez is an inspring story about a child's first motocross race summed up in 48 illustrated pages that are sure to get your child's attention. It gives a first-hand look into the events that take place and the triumphant feeling of successfully completing a race. Inspire your child with this easy-to-read book now available through PWOnly.

VIEW: Front Cover VIEW: Inside Pages

Place an order totalling $250 or more (not including shipping) and receive this book as a free gift! Add the book to your cart and then enter the coupon code "freebook" during checkout to receive your free copy. ***This book can be purchased by anyone regardless of order size, but a minimum of $250 is required to be eligible for the free coupon.

Price: $12.99

NEW - PW50 Complete Graphic / Decal Kits! $39.99!

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PW50 Q&A
Why order your PW50 spare parts from us?
  1. Save money - Our prices are about 10-15% lower then your local Yamaha store.
  2. Convenient - We will ship your order direct to your home or work address.
  3. Quick supply - Most of our inventory is in stock for immediate delivery.
I want new plastic for my PW50, what colors are available? Should I also get a new seat?

We have BLUE, RED, ORANGE, and GREEN PW plastic. We would strongly recommend that you also purchase a seat with your plastic kit so everything will mount up properly. Seats are available only in BLACK color.

My child outgrew his PW50, what bike should we purchase next?

We would recommend LEM or Martin & Slater brand bikes for 50cc recreational or racing. These brands are the specialize in children size off-road motorcycles. Check out the links page on this website, or go to the forum for more information.

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